History of Political Thought (IR216) Course Details

Course Name: History of Political Thought
Code: IR216
Pre-requisite Course(s): none
Objective: The course readings tackle a number of fundamental questions: Who are we and how shall we live? What is justice, freedom, and equality? What is a just regime? Why should we obey the state? How should we envision the relationship between morality and politics? What is the relationship between philosophy, poetry, truth and power? What is the relationship between order, authority and freedom? How should we deal with questions of difference?
Content: This course is about theory (and, as a result of theorizing, ultimately about practice and action). Political theory, simply stated, is reflective discourse on the meaning of the “political;” the delving “underneath” the surface of political practice to ask questions and understand the meaning of politics. In this sense, then, political theory is both a critical and a creative activity, for each generation to participate in a continuous tradition. One hope for this class is for all of us to take on this mantle and role as theorists
Term: Spring
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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