Russian History (IR413) Course Details

Course Name: Russian History
Code: IR413
Pre-requisite Course(s): None
Objective: This course aims to teach students the history of the geography of Eurasia which is also called as Russia from early times until our age. Students will comprehend within this flow of history the peoples, cultures, religions, economics, state structures, wars, revolutions, political and societal transformations of this great Eurasian geography which stretches from the north of Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
Content: The contents of this course include subjects like Kievan Rus, Golden Horde, rise of Muscovy, Romanovs, Russian Empire, Bolshevik Revolution, Soviet History and Cold War. In order to give students a better understanding of today's Russia and Russians, they will be provided with an in-depth background knowledge on subjects like intellectual life, wars of importance, impressive transformations, ideologies, nationalities question.
Term: Elective
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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